New Year New Scams

As always the tax scammers are working full-time this tax season. Never pay anything via phone as the IRS or Social Security Administration will never demand payment via phone and does not accept payment in gift cards, crytocurency, or prepaid debit cards. These are scams so please do not do this.

Advanced Child Payment Letters and if they are wrong.

When you take your taxes to your tax return preparer, make sure to take the Form 6419 that outlines how much you received if you got the advanced child tax credit. It appears that there were some that may be incorrect. Double check to make sure it matches to what you actually received.

What will trigger the IRS to look into your information?

There are a few things that will very quickly get you on the IRS’s “naught list”. Not appropriately handling things related to employee classifications and taxes are one of the biggest. For trusted advisors to help you navigate the complex tax code see the team at Foster & Dolleck CPA’s 402-391-7030 or

Follow up on AICPA Advocating

Just a follow up to a post yesterday about the AICPA advocating for taxpayers. With the IRS so far behind it is unreasonable to send automated letters to taxpayers when things have been filed, mailed, and paid.

IRS Update on getting caught up………

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better anytime soon. The IRS is extremely behind and that is not going to change with the opening on the new filing season. A few statistics from the Tax Adviser. IRS overwhelmed: Over the past two years the IRS has dealt with such challenges

AICPA Information for Taxpayers

Every chance I get I like to talk about the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). They are literally out there fighting for tax payers. For trusted advisors that have your best interest in mind see the team at Foster & Dolleck, CPA’s. 402-391-7030 or

Reduce your Tax Liability

With tax season upon us looking at ways to reduce our tax liability is key. Retirement conditions are one of the best ways to do that. Simply stated, why not pay yourself instead of uncle sam? For all your tax needs call the team at Foster & Dolleck, CPA’s at 402-391-7030 or email