Meals and Entertainment Deduction information.

It seems there is still plenty of confusion about the meals and entertainment deduction as it relates to the new tax law, the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). I believe the entertainment piece (not deductible) is fairly clear. Where most business owners will be affected is for employee social gatherings. The accountants who lobby

Cyber Fraud Information you may want to know!

Even small business owners can fall prey to cyber fraud schemes. Many of these schemes are perpetrated through company email. Criminals send what appears to be a internal company email and ask for funds to be sent or transferred. The email looks totally legit and the funds are sent without hesitation. In speaking with cyber

Do you Manage Your E-mails?

Something that I need to work on myself. “Do you manage your email or does your email manage you”? A Carleton University study found that many workers spend on average 17 hours per week sending and answering emails. See the link below for some tips to help you keep your inbox under control.